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Women's fly-in, day 2


Hoe's got back
Hoe's routine 3
Gordon,Liz,Stacy, and Don
Barry's artwork
Group 2
Group 5
Group 6
Hoe's close up 2
Hoe's close up 3
Hoe's in smoke
Hoe's routine 4
Hoe's routine 7
Rick & Tami singing 2
Barry's artwork address
Group 4
Hoe's routine 8
Hoe's routine 6
Stacy & Don
Hoe's routine 2
Judy food
Hoe's entrance
Hoe's routine 5
Hoe's routine
Rick & Tami singing
Don & Dennis
Candice and Alain 2
Mike & Tina
Yuki 2
Mattt & Steve
James and daughter 2
Dale, Yuki, and Liz
Hoe's in line
Hoe's exit
Kid Dave Miller
Candice and Alain
Buddy and Terry
Rex & Jodi
James & Daughter
Rex and Jodi 3
New mountain pilots
Just for you Mark
Talent 3
Dennis Pagan
Rick Jr.Singing 2
Rex and Jodi 2
Kid Dave Miller 2
Rick Jr. singing
Theresa's poem
Tina's daughter
Tina 2



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